Welcome to our Blog
Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  Year 6 girls had a pampering afternoon Friday
Posted By : holmesr01 On 17th July 2017 05:12:49
­Year 6 girls had a pampering afternoon Friday

1500286353_IMG_1941.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1940.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1937.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1938.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1939.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1936.JPG 1500286353_IMG_1942.JPG 
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