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Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  Year 4 Royal Wedding Pictures
Posted By : leas01 On 25th May 2018 04:23:43
­Last Friday Year 4 children who weren't at Frank Chapman's had a royal wedding costume challenge. In teams they had to create a wedding dress/suit from the following: paper, kitchen roll, bin bags and tape. The results were... interesting but they worked brilliantly together and had lots of fun. 

1527240212_IMG_1267.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1283.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1289.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1296.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1279.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1294.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1276.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1295.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1286.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1288.JPG 1527240212_IMG_1269.JPG 
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  Year 6A Technology Day
Posted By : leas01 On 25th May 2018 03:18:01
On Thursday 24th May Class 6A enjoyed an ICT/Lego day.The children had a fantastic day learning about how to build a robot, using coding and using their Scratch programming skills to instruct the robot to move to different positions. The children worked brilliantly in pairs throughout the day.­

1527236276_IMG_1402 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1393 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1392 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1398 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1413 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1395 (Medium).JPG 1527236276_IMG_1397 (Medium).JPG 
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  Nursery afternoon wedding celebrations
Posted By : leas01 On 21st May 2018 04:01:46
Nursery afternoon children enjoying the Royal Wedding celebrations on Friday 18th May.­

1526893288_IMG_3896.JPG 1526893288_IMG_3892.JPG 1526893288_IMG_3911.JPG 1526893288_IMG_3902.JPG 1526893288_IMG_3890.JPG 
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  Year 5 and 6 Wedding Celebrations
Posted By : leas01 On 21st May 2018 03:57:08
Years 5 and 6 enjoying the royal wedding celebrations.­

1526893005_IMG_8554 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8560 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8561 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8558 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8572 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8552 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8573 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8553 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8571 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8569 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8556 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8577 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8574 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8570 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8555 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8562 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8559 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8578 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8557 (Medium).JPG 1526893005_IMG_8576 (Medium).JPG 
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