Welcome to our Blog
Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  Y2 Bread Making
Posted By : leas01 On 21st January 2019 11:06:10

Year 2 have made bread from scratch as part of their curriculum work.

They measured out all the ingredients themselves, worked together in groups to mix and knead the dough, then shaped their own rolls. The children are taking the bread home so they can make their own sandwich and evaluate it. 

1548090338_IMG_2036.JPG 1548090338_IMG_2054.JPG 1548090338_IMG_2053.JPG 1548090338_IMG_2067.JPG 1548090338_IMG_2065.JPG 1548090338_IMG_2049.JPG 

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  Jesson's Christmas Concert
Posted By : leas01 On 19th December 2018 07:13:47
On Tuesday 18th December we enjoyed our Jesson's Christmas Concert. It was a fantastic night showcasing our amazing children and the musical talents that they have. Thank you to everybody that took part and to all of our families for supporting the event.

1545225176_20181218_191829.jpg 1545225176_20181218_202326.jpg 
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  Christmas Fayre
Posted By : leas01 On 10th December 2018 06:03:53
A big thank you to all of our PTA for arranging the school Christmas Fayre on Friday evening. Also thank you to the staff and pupils that stayed to help out on all of the stalls.

1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0005.jpg 1544443424_20181208_102335.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0011.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0004.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0009.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0007.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0018.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0016.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0006.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0013.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0008.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0019.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0020.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0015.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0014.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0017.jpg 1544443424_IMG-20181207-WA0010.jpg 
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  Reindeer Run Photographs
Posted By : leas01 On 6th December 2018 10:16:30
More photographs from the sponsored reindeer run.

1544112991_IMG_4391[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4310[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4390[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4350[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4336[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4365[1].JPG 1544112991_IMG_4340[1].JPG 
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