Welcome to our Blog
Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  Reception Blue Class Assembly
Posted By : leas01 On 12th April 2019 07:12:41
Today we enjoyed a wonderful class assembly from reception blue, all about Easter. The children really performed well and we are very proud of them. Well done reception blue.

1555071156_Easter (8).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (6).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (7).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (2).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (3).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (1).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (4).JPEG 1555071156_Easter (5).JPEG 
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  DPA Spring Concert
Posted By : leas01 On 11th April 2019 06:18:52
On Tuesday 9th April our wonderful school choir took part in the Dudley Performing Arts Spring concert. We are very proud of their wonderful performance, thank you to the staff that accompanied the children.

1554981479_20190409_192546.jpg 1554981479_20190409_195101.jpg 1554981479_20190409_192802.jpg 1554981479_20190409_192750.jpg 1554981479_20190409_185003.jpg 1554981479_20190409_185518.jpg 1554981479_20190409_201515.jpg 1554981479_20190409_194553.jpg 

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  Year 5 Trip to Tudor World
Posted By : leas01 On 8th April 2019 01:55:32
On Friday 5th April Year 5 went on a trip to Tudor World Museum in Stratford. The children enjoyed learning about Crime and Punishment during Tudor England times and they experienced a 'real' judgement day.  This was within an historic 16th century building and they discovered what life was really like during Shakespeare's time. They all had a great day!­

1554706512_STRATFORD 051.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 059.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 056.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 055.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 032.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 054.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 061.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 062.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 047.jpg 1554706512_STRATFORD 053.jpg 
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  Reception Red Class Assembly
Posted By : leas01 On 5th April 2019 12:07:36
Further pictures from Reception Red's class assembly today.

1554484047_Dear Zoo (11).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (6).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (3).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (4).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (10).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (2).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (7).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (9).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (8).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (5).JPEG 1554484047_Dear Zoo (1).JPEG 
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