Welcome to our Blog
Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  3L Class Assembly
Posted By : leas01 On 13th July 2018 06:12:02
­Today we enjoyed a football themed assembly all about the football world cup. Unfortunately the script was written before England lost in the semi-final !! Well done 3L for a fantastic effort.

1531480288_3L Photos (5).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (3).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (7).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (2).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (6).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (4).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (4a).JPG 1531480288_3L Photos (8).jpg 1531480288_3L Photos (1).jpg 
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  Year 1 and 2 Trip
Posted By : leas01 On 13th July 2018 02:15:24
On Wednesday 11th July the children in Year 1 and 2 visited Weston Super Mare. As you can see they had a fantastic time.­

1531466098_DSCF1582 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1591 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1587 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1584 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1580 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1583 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1592 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1593 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1581 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1589 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1588 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1585 (Medium).JPG  1531466098_DSCF1590 (Medium).JPG 1531466098_DSCF1586 (Medium).JPG 
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  Year 4F Class assembly
Posted By : leas01 On 8th June 2018 11:56:50
­Today (Friday 8th June) we enjoyed a class assembly all about giving things a go and believing in yourself. We were treated to an excellent display of the children's progress in violins and excellent singing, dancing and storytelling. Well done Year 4F.

1528477006_Photo (5).jpg 1528477006_Photo (7).jpg 1528477006_Photo (1).jpg 1528477006_Photo (9).jpg 1528477006_Photo (8).jpg 1528477006_Photo (4).jpg 1528477006_Photo (3).jpg 1528477006_Photo (10).jpg 1528477006_Photo (2).jpg 1528477006_Photo (6).jpg 

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  6P Lego workshop
Posted By : leas01 On 8th June 2018 11:38:12
On Wednesday 6th June 6P participated in Lego/robot building workshop. The children worked in pairs to build a Lego robot and use their coding skills to instruct the robot to perform different actions.

1528475882_IMG_0790.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0788.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0797.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0793.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0801.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0792.JPG 1528475882_IMG_0795.JPG ­
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