Welcome to our Blog
Posted By : admin On 14th November 2015 04:20:12

Welcome to our blog. Thank you for taking the time to view our posts. We will post here pictures and details about events that happen at our school. We hope that you will enjoy viewing and reading the photos and articles.

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  Year 6 Church Service
Posted By : leas01 On 18th September 2018 01:41:02
On Thursday 13th September Year 6 welcomed in the new school year, at St James' Church. We all enjoyed listening to their aspirations for the forthcoming year and their future. Well done Year 6.

1537252856_Church (3).jpg 1537252856_Church (2).jpg 1537252856_Church (1).jpg 
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  Welcome Back
Posted By : leas01 On 5th September 2018 11:07:03
We would like to send a massive thank you, to whoever placed these banners by school, it has really made all of us feel special.

1536163609_IMG_4857.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4861.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4860.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4859.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4855.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4863.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4858.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4862.jpeg 1536163609_IMG_4864.jpeg 
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  Year 6 Last day of term
Posted By : leas01 On 26th July 2018 06:18:52
­On Friday 20th July 2018, we said goodbye to our Year 6. They had lots of fun on the last day.

1532603923_20180720_110100.jpg 1532603923_20180720_110227.jpg 1532603923_20180720_110733.jpg 1532603923_20180720_114015.jpg 
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  Jesson's Nail Salon
Posted By : leas01 On 20th July 2018 11:19:53
As part of the Year 6 children's last week at Jesson's, they enjoyed a nail salon. All of the children enjoyed the experience.

1532103598_20180719_134903.jpg 1532103598_20180719_135300.jpg 1532103598_20180719_134820.jpg 1532103598_20180719_134826.jpg 
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