Helping children be the best they can be

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Helping children be the best they can be
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 Here at Jesson’s we take the safety of your child very serious, therefore from September we will be sending out a regular newsletter. It will include aspects around safeguarding, raising your awareness and how to access services to support you and your child.

This first newsletter will be focused around summer safety, policies and procedures, hope you find it useful…

Policies and Procedures

There are many different policies and procedures

that staff adhere to, you can view them on the school’s website.

The main aim of the ‘Child Protection Policy’ is to ensure that all pupils are safe in school and staff are aware about the measures that are in place to support any child who is at risk of harm. All staff are provided with information and training in order to carry out their duty of care responsibly towards every child.

    When we are concerned….

        What we will do…”

Staff follow the procedures set out by the Dudley Safeguarding Children Board indicated within the policy. If they are worried about a child they initially report their concern to the pastoral team. After discussion and a written record has been made they will,

In the first instance speak to parents/carers and share their concerns. They will seek their consent before a referral is made to external services.

However, there may be occasions when the school will contact another agency before informing parents/carers because it considers that contacting them may increase the risk of significant harm to the child.

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Cooking outside… Children are naturally curious about barbecues! They want to see what's going on, how well lit it is, what's cooking and are always keen to know when it's going to be ready to eat. Yet that's the most dangerous place to be. In fact, each year about 1,000 people suffer injuries, such as burns, caused by barbecues. So ensure children are supervised well.